Reverse Health, Say NONO SUGAR!

NONOSUGAR Reverse Health Seminar

The NONOSUGAR Reverse Health is the can’t-miss health seminar of the year, Reverse Health is exactly what the name suggests: a reversal of the traditional health format. NONOSUGAR platform connects everyone for education, innovation and collaboration they need to reimagine health and wellness for everyone, everywhere. This seminar is those who want to supercharge their health and seek for collaboration to improve our current health ecosystem.

Highlight Topics

Insulin Vs Leptin

Jeff Kong talks about how insulin and leptin affects how your body reacts and how you could use it to your advantage for intermittent fasting.

Skinny Fat

Jeff Kong talks about having a relatively high percentage of body fat and a low amount of muscle mass which heightened risk of developing diseases

Sugar or Salt to blame?

NONOSUGAR Application Intro

卡路里减法减肥可行吗 ?


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